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      Goods with small defects occur in each manufacturing process, and we are not an exception either. Footwear with minor defects or footwear used for photo sessions is delivered to the second-hand shop. All information about the product is provided in detail in the card of the product. Extract from the Retail Trade Rules approved by Resolution No 51-1778 of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania (2001): “When non-foodstuffs are sold at discount prices due to their quality defects, in addition to other information about the product in accordance with the procedure laid down in legal acts, the buyer must receive respective information either on price labels or in other ways in writing (it should be indicated that the product price has been reduced, the quality defect due to which the price has been cut down, the product price and whether the product is covered by the warranty). In cases when the product is not covered by the warranty, a respective provision must be included into the document of purchase and sale issued following the procedure stipulated by laws.
  • ” Attention: Wholesale goods sold with 60% discount shall not be taken back and guarantee shall not be provided.  

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