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Residents of the European Union who have attained the age of 18 qualify as buyers. You can buy either registering if you have a user account in the shop or with the rights of a guest. Buying with registration is more convenient, because all you have to do is to enter your e-mail address and password, and all other details will be remembered by the system. Buying with the guest's rights will take longer, because you will have to enter all your particulars each time.

How to buy

1) first of all measure the foot of the child for whom you want to buy shoes;

2) select the product you need;

3) using the table of sizes find the required size;

4) select the requisite size from the product card;

5) enter the required quantity and click on “Put into basket”.


         Having put all required goods, enter your basket of purchases. You will see the total amount of the purchase in the shopping basket, but if you have a special offer code or a gift voucher “Discount codes” and click on “Apply discount”.



after confirmation you will receive the calculated price of goods with applied discount, then click on “Buy”, or if you don’t want to use the special code, refuse its activation.


then you have to enter the Buyer’s details, if you are a registered user, registration will be enough;

afterwards specify the delivery address, if it corresponds to the Buyer’s details, you don’t have to specify the address again, just indicate that the address is the same. The address may be different if you want to send the goods to somebody as a gift. You will NOT have to pay for that additionally. You enter the recipient’s address and greeting message and we do the rest for you.

Then select

- type of delivery.

- payment method.

In the final stage confirm that you have got familiarised with the purchasing “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” of the shop and click on “BUY” 


Congratulations, you have made your first order and we hope that this shop will be convenient and you will find here just what you need for your child.