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    1. How can I purchase the goods if the bank I use is not included in your system of settlements?

                    You can select the method of payment by payment order from the bank convenient to you. At the time of buying select the advance account payment method. The system will send to you the account according to your e-mail address specified during registration. You don’t need to inform that you made the payment order and we will notify you about the time of shipment of the goods. 

    2.  Can I change / return the goods?


    3. Is the delivery fee refunded when goods are returned?

                    The fee for the delivery service is not refunded because this service was provided.

    4. How many times can I change unsuitable shoes?

     You can change them until you find the suitable ones, but in case of change only the first pair of changed shoes is sent free of charge (as a gift), and for all subsequent times you will be charged the delivery fee, but the change itself will be free of charge.   

    5. What information is sent in a newsletter and how often?

     A newsletter is a means of communication with buyers. The newsletter is sent once a week. This is an informative letter. Those who are the first to subscribe to the newsletter will receive all information about the news and campaigns. Sometimes information about campaigns, sales of certain goods, in particular where balances of goods are small, will be announced only for registered users who have subscribed to the newsletter. The users subscribing for the Newsletter will also be assigned a special discount code several times a year.