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In this part of the shop you will find the widest range of shoes. This is the most popular footwear with a common sole. Always look for a kitten – all footwear purchased in our shop will bear the brand logo of our shop – the kitten. The footwear offered in this part of the shop carries the trademark assigned to it by the manufacturer. We select footwear of the highest quality setting high requirements for it. Leather shoes with soft and flexible rubber soles comprise the bigger part of the offered footwear. Read carefully the descriptions.


Now offered  for sale  




Extremely nice soft and comfy shoes of sizes 3 to 9 (manufacturers use soles designated for the USA market, so sizes are of USA standard) or 20-26 (European sizes). These are spring-autumn shoes made of very soft natural leather, fully flexible, toe-caps soft, inside leather covered with warm material. Small feet will feel very comfortable and parents will always be able to check whether the shoes are of suitable size easily pressing with fingers the soft cap of the shoe to find where the toes are located inside it. Now shoes for boys and girls of 9 different models and colours are available.








This footwear is for children between ~1 and 4 years of age whose foot is from 10 to 15 cm length. These natural leather shoes with especially soft and flexible rubber sole and hand sewn welt are made with love for children. Meanwhile there are 7 different models and colours of these shoes on sale for boys, but very soon such shoes will also be offered for girls.






This footwear represents the largest share in the shop because this is the only series covering sizes from 19 to 39 for boys and girls that we have for sale now. 90% of these shoes are completely made of natural leather both from inside and outside, except for sole. These booties, shoes and sandals are of different styles, nice, stylish and comfortable.


Now footwear of ~ 100 different models and colours is on sale.




Select, wear and enjoy !